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our partners

We work with companies in the Pittsburgh Area to make our mobile bar experience unlike any you've had before. We are passionate about their products and we are beyond thankful for their desire to partner with us. If you support us, you support them.


Lawrenceville Distilling

Lawrenceville supplies the majority of our liquor. Their award-winning Parking Chair Vodka, Ginzer Gin, and Jaggerbush Gin are used to create the most delicious cocktails. If you ever stop by at one of our events, you can buy these liquors, as well as Lawrenceville's 1129 Ridge Ave. Absinthe by the bottle. You can also visit their distillery at 5410 Harrison Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201.


Resurgent Spirits

Resurgent is a PA-based company that specializes in creating incredibly flavorful whiskeys. They are our go-to for the bourbons that we use. They produce three wonderful whiskeys: Custom Cask Bourbon 100, Young American Bourbon, and Cask Strength Straight Rye. Resurgent is also an award-winning company (and it only takes one drink to find out why.


Pittsburgh Pickle Co.


Let's face it people: we live in Pittsburgh and pickles are awesome. Pittsburgh Pickle Co. is not only responsible for making the best-tasting pickles in Pittsburgh, but the best-tasting Bloody Mary mix as well. We've gotten so many questions about how our Bloody Marys taste so good. Well, the Briney Mary mix might just be our secret! We sell bottles of the Briney Mary mix, so ask about it next time you see us!

(And watch out, you may see a pickle cocktail on our menu every once in a while!)

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