Make some of the official Tipsy Gypsy drinks from the comfort of your own home!


Each kit makes two drinks.


Choose from two of our creations:


Reach for the Stars

- Lawrenceville Distilling Parking Chair Vodka

- Blueberry Basil Simple Syrup

- Lemon

- Sparkling Water


Red Carpet Ready

- Lawrenceville Distilling Ginzer Gin

- Honey & Lemon

- Lavender Hibiscus Tea



- Lawrenceville Distilling Parking Chair Vodka

- Cucumber & Lime Juice

- Key Lime Seltzer


Sunset of Success

- Resurgent Bourbon Whiskey

- Peach Puree

- Lemon

- Peach Tea


*Purchase through the website is a pre-sale. Actual purchase will go through Lawrenceville Distilling.

The Cocktail Kit